Apink releases tracklist for new album, “Pink Revolution”

Apink has just released the track list for their upcoming third studio album, Pink Revolution.Including their title track, there will be a total of nine songs on the album.

Prior to this set of teaser, Plan A Entertainment revealed a vivid-themed photo set and a pastel-themed photo set for the girl group simultaneously through their various official social media accounts. This third set of photos, released exclusively by Naver, blends the use of black and white effects and a light source that casts artistic shadows in the background.

Just like the titles of their previous albums (Pink Memory, Pink Season, Pink Blossom, Pink Luv), this upcoming album is named Pink Revolution, which marks the girl group’s third studio album.

Apink is set to officially comeback with Pink Revolution on September 26th.

Image: Apink teasers for "Pink Revolution" / Naver Music
Image: Apink teasers for “Pink Revolution” / Naver Music