Apink selects the member with the best diet and weight loss results

Apink made a recent appearance in Bae Sung Jae’s Ten radio with Chorong and through a series of interesting stories, Apink talks about their day-to-day diet in preparation for their comeback and chose Bomi as the member with the best diet.

The members report that Bomi recently lost 7 kilograms, Apink’s leader, Chorong claims that due Bomi’s recent weight loss, she complimented Bomi by stating that she looked pretty. The rest of the members did not share their diet regime, but also agreed with Chorong’s compliments towards Bomi.

Apink recently released their highly anticipated album, Pink Revolution, and their fellow member, Bomi has also been chosen to star in MBC‘s virutal reality show, “We Got Married”,  with Actor Choi Tae Joon as her married partner in the show.

Source: MBNTV