Apink’s Son Naeun Will Be Unable To Participate In Special Album Promotions

They weren’t able to adjust schedules.

Apink’s Son Naeun will not be able to participate in the special album promotions. Son Naeun, who moved to YG Entertainment after the expiration of her exclusive contract with IST Entertainment, will not be able to participate in the promotions due to schedule issues.

Due to the sudden failure to adjust schedules, all Apink activities, except for the jacket and music video, will be held with five members. 

⁠— IST Entertainment

YG Entertainment also released a statement regarding her inability to participate in the upcoming album promotions.

Son Naeun will be unable to participate in activities other than the jacket and music video of the special album due to difficulties in coordinating the schedule for her next project under discussion. Although it’s unfortunate that they cannot be together, we ask for your support for the special album and the members.

⁠— YG Entertainment

Although all six members participated in the 10th anniversary fan meeting, the special album will promote with only five members. On the other hand, Son Naeun is currently acting in the tvN K-Drama, Ghost Doctor.

Source: sports khan