Apink teaming up with Shinsadong Tiger once again for July comeback

New reports have revealed that Apink is working with hit producer Shinsadong Tiger once again for their upcoming comeback next month.

According to music industry officials on June 23rd, not only will Apink be taking on the challenge of releasing a summer track but they have worked with Shinsadong Tiger once again, whom they previously collaborated with in November 2014 for their title track “LUV” and “No No No.”

“LUV” was a tremendous hit during its promotional run, winning at least 16 music show awards and topping online charts for days.

Not only are various girl groups and other female idols making their comeback this summer, but they are also returning with tracks by some of Korea’s well-known hit producers including Duble Sidekick and Brave Brothers.

Source: OSEN