Apink’s Chorong And Bomi Have The Best Reaction To Seeing A Long-Time Fan Bring Their Baby To A Fan Event

Help, our hearts are going to burst from the viral video!

With the rise in newly debuting K-Pop idols, netizens sometimes worry that the older groups are losing out and not getting the attention they deserve during comebacks. Luckily, many netizens are extremely loyal, and the dedication to their favorite idols is enough to make your heart melt.

Recently, one group that has gone viral for the love of their fans is Apink, and their newest subunit ChoBom with Chorong and Bomi.

Apink’s Bomi and Chorong | @apink_2011/Twitter

The duo have recently made their subunit debut with their track “Copycat,” and it’s rightly made netizens obsessed. With it’s bright concept and catchy tune, the idols have made the most badass comeback ever.

Apink debuted over ten years ago in 2011, and it seems as if their fanbase has followed them throughout. Recently, a clip was shared on social media during a fan event which is normally held before or after a music show.

During the event, Chorong and Bomi noticed a fan in the crowd who’d been there since the group debuted. Yet, the fan didn’t come alone as the duo noticed that she’d come with her baby.

After Bomi pointed it out, Chorong seemed shocked and was seen trying to scan the crowd.

When Chorong finally noticed, her reaction was truly wholesome as Bomi explained to the rest of the crowd that this person had been a fan since the group debuted. The look on both idols’ faces was truly pure as they saw their fan had brought their baby.

She already had a baby and came with her today. She looks just like you, unnie. She really looks like you unnie.

— Chorong

After seeing the fan, Bomi then asked the rest of the people attending to promise that, even when they’re all grown up and have started new chapters in their lives, they would still come and support the group.

Even after you all get married later, you will come like this too, right?

— Bomi

Unsurprisingly, all the fans (known as Pandas) screamed that they would, and Chorong and Bomi couldn’t stop smiling as they saw all their fans and the baby who had been brought to their event.

After only 48 hours, the clip had been watched almost five million times and had hundreds of thousands of likes and so many comments. Many pointed out how dedicated Apink’s fanbase is and their own stories with the group.

As the clip got more and more views, others shared just how influential the group is even after all this time.

K-Pop fans are known to have some of the most loyal fanbases in the music industry. Yet, with so many new idols to stan, older groups can sometimes get overlooked or forgotten about. The viral video proves that it isn’t always the case, and many fans stay loyal, even when they’re ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

Source: @snefication/twitter