Apink’s 3rd Japanese single “LUV” finally released

Pink Pandas can finally celebrate and rejoice: Apink has finally released their 3rd Japanese single, “LUV,” on May 20.

Like all of their Japanese releases, this one also consists of the standard edition albums with a random photocard. The standard editions are split into two versions: package A and B. Package A will contain more accessories and content (such as a pouch) while package B only contains the audio tracks as well as the DVD. The DVD contains the full music video and the Behind the Scenes.

In addition, like their previous Japanese releases, “NoNoNo” and “Mr. Chu,” the publisher also released albums with individual members on each one. These ones do not contain the DVD. Each, however, contains a photocard of the respective member.

While the music video was released several months ago, the audio track was not released until Wednesday, May 20.

Recently, the girl group flew to Japan several days before the release of “LUV.” The group is there to promote their new Japanese single over a span of a few days to a few weeks. After that, it is not known what the group has planned next. It is likely they will be taking a short break before continuing activities.

Check out the video below of Apink performing at Aeon Mall in Okayama, Japan to a massive crowd of hundreds.