Apink’s agency will have zero tolerance stance on malicious comments

In an effort to protect their artists, Plan A Entertainment will now be taking action against malicious comments against both Apink and their families.

Plan A Entertainment recently released a statement through their legal team about how they will no longer be standing back as Apink receives malicious comments.

The company hopes that the malicious comments that have been occurring since the group’s debut and have now also reached the members’ families, will be put to an end with this legal action.

“We would make to give a serious warning to those who defame or insult Apink via false facts through various social media portals and we will be taking legal action against those responsible.

After Apink debuted, we have continued to give out warnings against those who insult the artist or defames them through false facts on social media and portal sites. Yet these activities are still going on today, and it is not only affecting Apink but also their family members. We have decided not to sit back any longer.”

— Plan A Entertainment

Plan A Entertainment also specifically mentioned that comments that could be considered sexual harassment were being left on the Apink members’ Instagrams.

“Recently, photos that the Apink members have been posting to Instagram have been receiving these comments.

Extremely shocking comments that are considered sexual harassment are constantly being posted and this is not just affecting Apink, but women as a whole. This could cause major social problems. As we mentioned before, the level of malicious comments against the Apink members cannot be ignored anymore.”

— Plan A Entertainment

Source: Xportnews