Apink’s Bomi Was Hospitalised By Rice While Filming Her New Drama

Bomi proved danger can come from everywhere when filming a drama.

While giving a press conference for her new short-form drama, Farming Academy, Bomi told a story of a humorous incident where she ended up being hospitalised during filming.

Farming Academy is about the daughter of a farmer (Bomi’s character) who wants to be an actress but ends up giving up her dream to attend an agricultural college where she learns to love farming.

Bomi told a cautionary tale about how danger can come from any avenue when filming a drama:

We were filming a scene where a bunch of rice gets spilled on top of me, and a few grains ended up in my ear. We went to the emergency room to get them out and it hurt so much that I cried all the way to the hospital.

– Bomi

Others on the set praised Bomi for her professionalism regarding the incident.