APink’s Bomi Shows How You Can Look Good For Less By Being A Vintage Queen

Bomi shows how you can look good without spending too much money!

Apink’s Bomi takes fans along to her hometown of Suwon in her most recent YouTube video. She challenges herself to go vintage thrift shopping to put together great looks for less.

She spends less than six man won (~$51) for eight pieces of clothing and styled them together for a fun photo shoot.

She explains that although a lot of the clothes may not look stylish or in trend, there will probably be some unique gems hiding if you search hard enough.

Here are the looks she created!

1. Button Point









2. Vintage Mood






3. Vintage Red









4. Casual Street Fashion






5. Vintage Sweater






After the photo shoot, the final cuts from the day were revealed.











Watch the full video below:




Bomi looks gorgeous in these vintage outfits! Which one is your fave?

Source: nate pann