Apink Chorong’s Makeup Artist Comes Under Fire After Unflattering Pictures Of The Idol Are Leaked

“Wow, her makeup artist really needs to get in trouble…”

Often we forget that celebrities are human too.

They eat like we us…

Stare into the abyss like us…

And are prone to having bad days just like us… Ok, maybe they don’t have bad hair days.

The only difference between them and us is that their bad days are often captured on camera, shared, and seen by millions of people.

Although most of us are no stranger to bad hair days ourselves, netizens can be cruel to celebrities for not looking perfect all the time.

Unfortunately, that is what happened recently to APink‘s leader Chorong.

On July 13, a user on Korea’s largest online community uploaded several unflattering pictures of the idol under a post titled, “The Currently Controversial Face Of Apink’s Park Chorong.”

The netizen who posted the pictures go on and ask, “What happened to her face?”

Photo of Chorong uploaded on Nate Pann | nate pann

The pictures did not show the idol in a good light and were obviously taken from an unflattering angle. Other netizens pointed out, however, that bad light and unflattering angle aside, the idol’s makeup did not help.

| nate pann
| nate pann

The picture does show Chorong wearing heavier makeup than she normally does. In the picture, the idol is almost unrecognizable.

Chorong | @mulgokizary/Instagram
| @mulgokizary/Instagram

Netizens lamented the make-up artist, with some going as far as calling her an anti-fan.

Wait, why did they do her makeup like that? She looks so funny, lol.

— Netizen

Is it just a bad picture? She isn’t even recognizable. Why is her makeup so unnatural?

— Netizen

  • “It’s her makeup. I saw her on Running Man, and she was pretty.”
  • “This is really a problem with her makeup.”
  • “Wow, her makeup artist really needs to get in trouble…”
  • “She would’ve looked better if she slicked her hair back and not worn any makeup.”
  • “Yeah, that’s just too much makeup.”

Unfortunately for Apink, this isn’t the first time that their aesthetics have gone viral for the wrong reasons. In January, the group’s stylist was heavily criticized for dressing the group up in tacky outfits.

Members of Apink | IST Entertainment

The members are pretty, but the picture is tacky, and their hot pink clothes are…

— Netizen

Hopefully, this will be the last time Apink members need to suffer due to their make-up artist. Chorong is currently promoting as Chobom with fellow Apink member Yoon Bomi. The duo is Apink’s first sub-unit to debut.

Chorong (left) and Yoon Bomi (left) | IST Entertainment
Source: Nate Pann