Apink’s Eunji Says One Of Her Celebrity Friends Tried Hitting On Her Recently

Eunji shared her recent experience of being pursued by a celebrity friend.

Apink‘s Eunji joined the hosts on Life Bar and talked about her dating life as a K-Pop girl group idol.


The hosts were intrigued that Eunji checked off the box next to “I have recently been asked out by someone.” 


Hosts Shin Dong Yup and Heechul got their antennas out and tried to figure out who could have pursued Eunji.

“Is he a famous person too?” — Shin Dong Yup


Eunji explained she had been friends with him for a while before he came forward and told her he’s interested.

“I don’t think people know that we’re friends, but we’ve been friends a while. Recently, he told me he likes me in a romantic way…” — Eunji


While the hosts were unable to get any more information out of her, Eunji concluded she would like to date because she is “at the best age to do so.”

“Because I’m an idol, I’m worried about my fans getting hurt about me dating. But I don’t think dating itself is bad. Sometimes I wonder why we have to be so secretive about it.” — Eunji


Some netizens in fact found it rude and disturbing that Eunji publicly shared what must have been a personal moment for the guy.

  • “I’m sure he was serious. How rude of her to come on a show and talk about it this openly!”
  • “I don’t care who he is. If she really thought of him as a friend, she shouldn’t have talked about him like this.”
  • “I wonder how the guy felt watching this…”
  • “Eunji, what are you trying to prove, that you’re popular?”
  • “Poor guy. He was sincere. She found it gossip-worthy.”


Regardless, hosts including Han Hye Jin encouraged Eunji to stay open to dating and keep learning about herself through dating.

“Doing what you love and being in love someone really fill up your life. Dating isn’t something mandatory to life, but it does spice up your days.” — Han Hye Jin

“You have to keep your head in the game. Date around. Get to know as many people as possible. Only then, you’ll start to learn how to find the good ones.” — Shin Dong Yup

Source: Newsen