Apink’s Eunji recovering after hospital trip due to back injury

Eunji was sent to the hospital with a back injury while preparing for the group’s performances in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Apink performed at MBC Music’s K-Plus Concert in Hanoi and fans noticed that Eunji seemed to have back pains while performing the group’s choreography.

Plan A Entertainment released a statement confirming Eunji’s recent injury, saying,

“Eunji sprained her back while preparing for the performances. Her back condition was already not good but she sprained it again so we quickly took her to the hospital. After quick first aid and some rest, her condition has improved. The doctor’s diagnosis was that it’s not a serious injury.”

— Plan A Entertainment

Eunji also uploaded a picture on her Instagram confirming that she is okay, saying,

“You’re all worried about me… I’m sorry I made you worry. I am resting well in the care of many people so please don’t worry. I’ll be back very soon. Thank you.”

— Apink Eunji

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Plan A Entertainment also stated that Eunji plans to carry out her future activities such as Law of the Jungle – New Zealand.

Source: Ilgan Sports