Apink’s Eunji Successfully Completes First Solo Concert In Hong Kong

Her voice is so amazing!

Apink’s Eunji has successfully completed two shows in Hong Kong as part of her solo concert tour HyeHwa!


The concert was met with an extremely positive response even from the beginning, as the first show was completely sold out when tickets went on sale, prompting another show to be added just a day after original ticketing opened.


Eunji kicked off the show with “Hopeful Sky” and “The Spring”, impressing the audience with her strong voice and vocal skills. The fans were also impressive in their own way, as they responded with loud and organized fan chants throughout the show.


Aside from singing her own songs, Eunji prepared two popular Mandarin songs, “A Little Happiness” and “Those Bygone Years”, and completely nailed it despite them being in a foreign language for her. She also invited Hong Kong local singer Phil Lam and performed “Shallow” with him.


Eunji will bring her concert tour to Singapore on June 9. Her movie 0.0MHz, also starring INFINITE’s Sungyeol, will be premiering in Korea on May 29 and is expected to be released in other places throughout Asia sometime in June and July.