Apink’s Naeun Reveals She Has A Crush On A Junior Idol

She’s had her eyes on this idol since the Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Apink‘s Naeun might be one of the most popular idols in K-Pop, but she recently revealed that she actually has her eyes on another top star.


During an episode of Radio Star, Cha Tae Hyun asked Naeun if she had her eyes on any idols lately.


This prompted Naeun to reveal that she does in fact have a crush on a fellow idol, but shocked the show hosts when she revealed that her crush was a female idol.


Naeun explained that her crush was none other than TWICE‘s Tzuyu!


She added that among junior groups, Tzuyu stood out for her beauty.


Naeun added that she saw Tzuyu during the Idol School Athletics Championships, and that Tzuyu’s reserved personality reminded her of herself during her rookie days.


Tzuyu’s just so beautiful and charming that even top stars like Naeun are crushing over her!