“APOLOGIZE TO LISA” Trends As Fans Take Issue With Spotify’s Behavior Towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Fans are unhappy with their recent findings.

“APOLOGIZE TO LISA” is one of the top worldwide Twitter trends right now. The trend stems from BLACKPINK fans’ belief that Lisa deserves a proper apology from Spotify for a mistake caused by their team.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

With the recent release of Spotify’s “Most Streamed K-Pop Soloist of 2022” title given to BTSJungkook, many K-Pop fans didn’t bat an eye at this, as Jungkook had various solo projects that proved to be extremely popular, such as the recent World Cup song “Dreamers”. This all changed when Spotify released an apology for not properly merging their genre tags, which led to the title being given to BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

Following Spotify’s correctional statement, social media was flooded with hate comments, specifically directed at Lisa. The hate comments were in the thousands, so BLACKPINK fans began to trend “APOLOGIZE TO LISA”, specifically directed towards Spotify for making the mistake in the first place. Fans believe if there was no mistake, in the beginning, Lisa would not have been subjected to hateful online comments.

BLACKPINK fans also do not appreciate Spotify’s correction comment about “celebrating the many achievements of BTS“, as BLACKPINK fans speculate BTS fans are the main perpetrators of the hateful comments regarding Lisa.