“Apple Girl” Kim Yeo Hee is Machina for upcoming EP, “Hear Me”

Rising to popularity as “Apple Girl” on YouTube, singer-songwriter Kim Yeo Hee is returning under the guise of Machina for her upcoming new mini-album, Hear Me.

As Machina, Kim Yeo Hee is kick starting her newest solo project which stemmed from years of hard work on her composing, recording, and writing a new style of music.

“Machina” is from the Greek expression of ‘Deux Ex Machina’ and “a subtle reference to the motivation of the artist to explore a new style of music that harmonises between Pop and something mystical, that transcends classification and can alter the status quo.”

Hear Me, which will have a total of five tracks including “Time To Time,” “I Am You,” “Honey Baby Darlin’,” “Liar,” and “Salt,” will be available digitally via iTunes and physically at Japan’s Tower Records on February 17th.


Source: Machina Facebook