Apple Music Restores BTS Suga’s Artist Page For Agust D

He’s back!

Yesterday, music streaming service Apple Music made a few updates regarding BTS‘s Suga.

BTS’s Suga

Not only had his artist bio been updated to include recent collaborations and more…

| Apple Music

But the artist page for Agust D, the name he used to release his solo mixtapes, had been removed, although all the music was still there. All the music previously credited to the name was now under Suga, meaning the two had merged.

ARMYs were shook to see the update, but many had jokes.

Many were developing theories though connected to Agust D’s storyline, particularly in the “Daechwita” MV, as there were multiple personas seen, and one was killed by the other.

Some ARMYs were concerned about the update. Yet, Spotify had not made the change.

Now, it turns out that we had nothing to worry about, and it may have actually just been a glitch of some kind on Apple Music. Today, Agust D’s profile was restored and is back to normal on the streaming service.

So, we still have both Suga and Agust D as unique artists.

Source: Apple Music