Apple Removes Kris Wu’s Music Due to “Chart Manipulation”, Fans Suspect Ariana Grande’s Involvement

Fans are pissed.

Apple has decided to remove Kris Wu’s debut album, Antares, from the iTunes Store Charts after he was accused of boosting his sales to take #1 on the album chart.


With accusations flying around, Kris’s album and all of its songs are no longer able to be seen on the iTunes Store Charts, leaving Ariana Grande and Queen at #1 on the song and album charts respectively.


7 out of the top 10 songs in the US iTunes Chart were from Kris’s album as of 11:57 pm EST, November 5. However, just 19 hours later, at 7:06 pm EST on November 6, all 7 of them had “magically” disappeared from the charts.


To make matters worse, Ariana Grande liked a tweet hinting that her manager Scooter Braun was involved in getting Kris’s music removed from iTunes.


Naturally, Kris’s fans are in outrage as they believe he proved himself innocent of manipulating the iTunes chart, and that iTunes underestimated the number of Chinese fans he has.


This certainly won’t be the last you hear about this story!