APRIL Yena’s Sister Steps Up To Clarify Bullying Allegations Involving Former Member Lee Hyunjoo

Her sister claims no one was bullied.

Following bullying accusations brought up by former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s younger brother, DSP Media released a statement that asked the public to refrain from spreading unconfirmed rumors. As the story continues to develop, a netizen who claims to be APRIL Yena‘s older sister stepped up to defend the group.

She explained that she decided to write a post as many would be curious as to if the matters at hand were true or not. She also felt it is in the best interest of fans and APRIL if she addressed the matter.

There is no such thing as bullying or outcasts in [APRIL]. At that point in time, the members were just young kids who were unable to accept all of [Hyunjoo’s] whims. [Hyunjoo’s] emotionally-charged actions were just another weight for her colleagues to bear within the hard job as an idol.

In order to hang on and stay awake back stage, everyone had to visit the hospital, receive treatment, and take medicine. [Hyunjoo] claimed her health wasn’t doing well and slowly started to miss practices. There were days when she did not return to the dorms, and as the occurrences increased, the members were always feeling insecure.

Ultimately, while promoting their comeback on music shows, [Hyunjoo] said she did not want to work and disappeared. As she failed to attend two broadcasts, the members had to stay up until dawn to rearrange the choreography and pull through a highly intensive schedule. Eventually, the members crumbled under the stress they had suppressed. People who saw them cry during rehearsals will know. The people who were harmed by this weren’t only the members.

As time passed, the members went to therapy and were able to consider this as an experience and live their own lives.

But you still asked for an apology? I assure you, the one that frowned on television due to these past events is you. Was [Hyunjoo] really hurting solely due to the members? I also read the posts from acquaintances that listed specific instances and claimed the members were the perpetrators. I don’t know just how much these matters were distorted or if information was left out or made up.

Talking down, not apologizing, ignoring…

In those posts, the members were devils that can’t function properly in society. How can you not include the accounts of everyone involved, and instead, turn the members into evil perpetrators?

I know that, including [Hyunjoo], everyone is currently trying to work hard at their own jobs. With everything happening, facing a variety of hurt is inevitable. However, I’m not sure if this is something to harm someone else’s lives over.

I know that, that post was written without proof and for a certain purpose. That’s why I cannot just stand by without doing anything as the misunderstanding and biasness grows worse in this aggravated situation. The members shouldn’t be hurt more than they already have. I appeal to you to not shoot the arrows of criticism towards the company and members anymore.

Thank you for reading this long message.

— Yena’s sister

She additionally attached a photo of their family registrar containing both Yena and her names to prove she is indeed related to Yena.

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