The ‘ARARI, YO’ Pyeonchang video begins international viral wave

On October 17th, a promotional video for the Pyeonchang Olympics called, “ARIRA, YO Pyeongchang” was released.

This promotional video produced by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) remade the traditional Korean song “Arirang” into a dance version and was produced by Lee Juhan featuring SISTAR’s Hyorin as vocal. The video features many famous Korean comedians such as Kim Jun Hyun, Jung Sung Ho and Lee Eun Hyung.

The video has already attracted over 780,000 views and is certainly gaining the attention of not only the people of Korea but from all over the world. However, a large number of Koreans have voiced their worry over the fact that the entire production feel like a joke.

The production which used a large budget of 270 million Won is being compared with the promotional video for 2020 Tokyo Olympics stating that the video completely pales in comparison. Many also criticized that besides the song and the artists nothing in the video signifies Korea.

Perhaps because of the negative feedback from their own people, the MCST announced on October 18th, 2016 KST that the “ARARI, YO” video is not an official promotional video for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

They also stated that the video was “Produced targeting foreign netizens, thus was made comical and fun. It was also made with viral marketing in mind”

They also stated that the video was made to promote the online dance video contest they are holding on their facebook page.

Source: MCST