[★BREAKING] Areum confesses she suffered a lot, thanks reporter for revealing the truth

Areum has taken to Instagram after news broke out that former T-ara member Hwayoung‘s twin sister, Hyoyoung once threatened to slit her face. 

Earlier today, a former staff member leaked chat logs showing Hyoyoung threatening former T-ara member Areum. The leak came after both sisters appeared on TV Show “Taxi” and revisited the bullying scandal that shook T-ara in 2012.

Soon afterward, a former T-ara manager confirmed that the staff member was telling the truth and that the leaked chat logs were real. Hyoyoung then released a statement confessing to the threats and also confirmed the leaked KakaoTalk logs.

Areum has now uploaded a photo to Instagram thanking the reporter and sharing how she felt when the incident first occurred in 2012.

Areum uploaded a photo of her phone playing the song, Gift by Park Hyo Shin. She took the screenshot when the following lyrics were paused on screen:

No matter what anyone says I’m not weak
The days I endured with tears
I didn’t want to hear stories of me
from those who didn’t even know me
I was left alone in a dark night
I was counting the stars one by one and now that the morning is here.
I feel like today’s sky is a gift someone left for me. It’s warmer than yesterday I wonder if you feel it too

— Areum (Lyrics from Gift by Park Hyo Shin)

The highlighted text in the quote is the specific lines from the song that were playing when Areum took the screenshot. She also captioned the post thanking the reporter who first broke the story and published it.

“I have endured so much. Everything aside I want to thank the reporter who uploaded my past picture. I hope we do meet. I don’t know but if you’re reading this reporter-nim. Fighting ^^ Let’s all pretend nothing happened today and cheer up! ^^”

“I’m ok.”

“Don’t worry, I’m good
I’m sorry I made you all worry”

— Areum

Kim Kayoung is the reporter who Areum is referring to and broke the story through TV Report. Areum seems to be thanking the reporter instead of the anonymous staff member as it’s common for community posts to be buried or hidden and never reach mainstream media.

Kim Kayoung has allowed for this story to quickly trend and reach millions of people. The story has now spread internationally as well, due to Kayoung’s quick reporting.

Koreaboo was also notified of the breaking news story due to its exclusive partnership with TV Report, first announced in 2015.