Aria Of Rookie Girl Group X:IN Makes History As The First Indian K-Pop Idol To Appear On “Inkigayo”

The group has a Russian member as well!

On April 11, rookie K-Pop girl group X:IN made their debut under ESCROW Entertainment with the album Keeping the Fire and title track of the same name. The group consists of five members — RoaChi.UE.ShaNova, and Aria — born between 1994 and 2003.

X:IN | ESCROW Entertainment

Though the group is from a small label, they’ve already been gaining attention thanks to their youngest member, Aria, who has now become one of only a few Indian idols in the K-Pop industry.

Aria (X:IN) | ESCROW Entertainment

While she’s not the very first K-Pop idol from India — that title goes to Sriya of BlackSwan — Indian K-Pop fans are still excited to have more representation in the industry! She’s from the Malayali community in the Kerala region of the country, and she speaks English, Korean, Malayalam, and Hindi. And needless to say, she’s also absolutely gorgeous, which is earning her a lot of admiration already!

| ESCROW Entertainment

A title she can proudly take is being the first Indian K-Pop idol to perform on stage at Inkigayo! The group performed their debut song “Keeping the Fire” at the music show just a few days ago, and they definitely show a lot of promise.

Aside from Aria, X:IN has two Korean members (Roa and Chi.U), one Korean-Australian member (E.Sha), and one Russian member (Nova).

| ESCROW Entertainment

Make sure to keep your eyes on this talented, diverse group of K-Pop idols!

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