ARIAZ’s Jooeun Admits To Rebellious Past, Apologizes In Showcase

She drank and smoke while she was still a student.

Star Empire‘s newest girl group, Ariaz, gained attention last month for having three out of six members who are veterans of survival programs. These are namely Yoonji and Sihyun who appeared on Produce 101 Season 1 and Hyokyung on MIXNINE.

Another member, however, is currently gaining attention for a completely different reason. In the October 24 debut showcase of the group in the Ilchi Art Hall, Seoul, reporters brought up the rumor that member Jooeun behaved inappropriately in school. She allegedly smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol as a minor.

When confronted with the accusation, Jooeun immediately apologized.

I’m deeply regretful and reflective of my indifferent actions. I will try to avoid damaging the team and I will do my best [to work in this job] with the right thoughts. I hope you will watch me well.

– Ariaz’s Jooeun

Ariaz recently debuted on October 24 with their mini album “Grand Opera”.