Arin reveals what alcoholic drink she wants to drink when she’s legal

Oh My Girl‘s Arin reveals what she wants her first alcoholic drink to be when she finally comes of age.

Oh My Girl recently guested on Arirang Radio‘s “Super K-Pop” talk show as part of their comeback promotions. On the show, maknae Arin was asked what she would like her first alcoholic drink to be since she is a 99-liner and will be legal soon.

She shocked everyone by saying that she wanted her first drink to be soju. She also added that she wanted to drink soju with her parents first.

This earned her a lot of shocked reactions from her members saying that she might be a strong, future drinker since she wanted to start with such a strong drink.

Check out the shocking revelation in the video below!

Oh My Girl has just come back with their 5th mini album Colouring Book and are currently promoting the title track “Colouring Book” on music shows.