ARMY Slams News Outlet For Allegations That BTS Charted Due To Manipulation

Fans want an apology!

A Paraguayan media outlet is currently under fire from ARMY after posting an article claiming that BTS was only able to conquer the US charts because of manipulation.

In the article posted by ABC Digital, the outlet claimed that BTS’s achievement in the US was due to cheating and manipulation of the charts.

The article spoke about how they believed that the strategy for their new track “Butter” was to “Sell cheap and buy in bulk” due to the 69-cent price for the track. For them, they thought it allowed ARMY to acquire the songs multiple times. It also follows an article written that accused BTS and ARMY of rendering pop music charts “useless.

ARMY quickly responded to these allegations claiming that the article did not have any proof and was groundless. On June 16, the hashtag #ApologizeABCCOLOR started trending in South Korea.

In their tweets, ARMY demanded an apology from the outlet for their article and negative comments towards BTS!

ABC Digital has not yet responded to the #ApologizeABCCOLOR hashtag or the demands for an apology from ARMY.

Source: FI