ARMYs Are Having The Best Day After Witnessing Another Iconic “Taejin” Moment

A legendary moment for ‘Taejin’ stans!

Do we have any BTS ‘Taejin’ stans in the room? If so, you’re in for a treat!

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In the most recent episode of Run BTS!, the members gathered together to play some games. During the final game, they played ‘Red light green light’ with cushions. The rules are the same as the original game and you have to drag the cushion and return with Suga’s panel without getting caught!

When it was Jin’s turn, V began to inch over with his back facing forward.

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After seeing how close he was to the panel, Jin slowly approached V, only to be attacked with a kiss on the cheek!

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Totally in shock, Jin’s ears and face turned red from the attack!

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But because V did move his lips, according to the rules, he had to start again from the beginning.

Looks like this episode will be one to remember for ‘Taejin’ stans!

  • “Taejin is extra funny in this episode I am wheezing!”
  • “This might be one of my favorite episodes.”
  • “Oh boy I was so happy with today’s episode. My taejin heartu!”
  • “Yes finally my taejin heart is so happy!”