Fact Check: Did An ARMY’s Boyfriend Feel “Threatened” By BTS’s V?

Here’s what really happened…

Recently, an ARMY’s boyfriend went viral due to his reaction to BTS‘s V.


BANGTANTV uploaded a new video of V in which he performed a mini-concert for a small audience. He invited them himself, wearing a bear mask, and surprised them by performing as himself.


One couple in particular garnered attention due to their reaction. The girlfriend appeared shocked and amazed, while the boyfriend looked very confused.


As soon as V stopped singing “Love Me Again,” the boyfriend grabbed the girlfriend’s hand and walked out with her.


In just a couple of hours, the clip went viral with over 150K views at the time of writing. Netizens joked that the boyfriend appeared “jealous” and “threatened” by V, so he wanted to leave with his girlfriend quickly.


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Yet, that’s not the entire story. As previously mentioned, V invited the persons to his “mini-concert.” It was a short live performance of only twenty seconds, so when the music stopped, the curtain closed, the attendees were told it was over, and it was time to leave. So, the couple did just that. Besides, they were stunned by the entire situation.


Watch the full video below.