ARMYs Are Losing It Over BTS RM’s Upcoming Collaboration With Balming Tiger

Sexy Namjoon!

BTS‘s RM was recently announced to be featured on hip-hop crew Balming Tiger‘s “SEXY NUKIM.”

Just be the title, ARMYs are feeling a lot of feels. “Sexy Nukim?” More like “Sexy Namjoon.”

Additionally, ARMYs discovered that the song is pre-existing, so it will be a remix. That also means we already have an idea of what it will be like.


You’re Welcome 😌😏 #kimnamjoon #namjoon #rmbts #rm #balmingtiger

♬ JUST FUN! – Balming Tiger & Omega Sapien & wnjn & sogumm

And ARMYs are imagining what RM will sound like on the track, and just the thought of his deep voice is sending us…

Not only that, but ARMYs are hopeful that there will be a music video!

This is sure to be one memorable collab.

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