ARMYs To Dedicate 30-Meter Hallway At AsiaWorld Expo Arena To BTS V

Everyone going to the AsiaWorld Expo Station must pass through the hallway.

BTS V‘s Chinese fanclub Baidu Kim Taehyung Bar is preparing an event, “The Road of Scenery”, in Hong Kong for V’s successful release of his own song, “Scenery”.

On March 20-21 and 23-24, BTS will be holding their Love Yourself tour at the AsiaWorld Expo Arena, which is located next to the Hong Kong International Airport.


The AsiaWorld Expo Center is located in an area where half the population can reach it within 5 hours and is also located right next to the Hong Kong International Airport, which receives 35 million tourists each year. In other words, it is a cultural and commercial hub for not only Hong Kong and China, but the entire world.

It is at this AsiaWorld Expo Center that Baidu Kim Taehyung Bar is setting up the hallway dedicated to V. ARMYs will be filling this 30-meter long “Road of Scenery”, which one must pass through in order to get to the AsiaWorld Expo Station, with light boxes that contain V’s photos. The lightboxes, which will be embellished with V’s beautiful photos and the lyrics to “Scenery” in Chinese and Korean, will be on display for 24 hours a day for 2 weeks from March 16-29 and will be welcoming Hong Kong citizens and tourists through a 1.6m large screen.


Baidu Kim Taehyung Bar has already released a Youtube advertisement as well as an Instagram advertisement in Korea, China, America, Japan, England, France and Brazil.


These large-scale projects were made possible due to V’s popularity in China with 31.9 billion views, 830,000 posts and 810,000 followers on Weibo. Baidu Taehyung Bar has also managed to raise 1,000,000 yuan ($149,000 USD) for V’s birthday 2 consecutive years, the greatest amount among other members of the group.


“The Road of Scenery” embodies the message from fans: “Our affection for you is like walking through a long road. After seeing all the scenery, you are waiting there.” The great efforts fans put into each project truly shows just how much V is loved!