ARMY Claim To Have Been Clowned By BTS Again!

BTS fans are still hoping and waiting…

BTS‘s new album BE (Essential Edition) was released today.

Many fans waited online in the hope that the band would release a new music video. There were speculations that BTS would drop a video for the track “Dis-ease” when the album was released.

Spoiler Alert: They haven’t!

BTS’s fans, ARMY, have taken to Twitter to express their feelings at being “clowned” by the group.

It wouldn’t be the first time that they (ARMY) believe BTS has clowned them.

Last July, Colombia Records posted a countdown for what many expected to be a teaser for a new comeback. When the date finally arrived, fans were disappointed to hear that the announcement to follow BTS on Spotify to access their new track a whole month later.

Some are still hoping that, like “Black Swan,” a music video will be dropped out of nowhere as a surprise to the fans!

BTS’s Be (Essential Edition) has broken records on Korea’s Hanteo chart which showed 212,250 copies had been sold (until 4.30 pm KST.)