ARMYs Consults Fellow ARMY NASA

NASA is definitely Jin-biased.

Recently, Korean media reported that NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) selected BTS‘s “Mikrokosmos, “134340,” and RM‘s “Moonchild” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Previously, NASA confirmed that the three songs would be going to space in 2024.

We already imagine it to be a party up in space!

The love for BTS didn’t end there, though. NASA Artemis requested poem submissions that appreciate the Moon.

Naturally, ARMY thought of Jin‘s solo “Moon.” So, they submitted it on his behalf.

Of course, NASA accepted! The social media manager confessed it touched their hearts.

Having gotten the attention of NASA, ARMYs took the opportunity to ask NASA any important question. ARMYs have been debating the correct pronunciation of song and album titles this week, especially “134340.” Considering it’s named for Pluto, who better to ask than NASA? Right?

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ARMYs Debate On How To Pronounce BTS Songs And Albums

Source: NASA

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