ARMYs Are Convinced That BTS’s “Artist-Made Collection” Is An Assignment For Their MBAs And Here’s Why

Looks like BTS will be able to add “Master’s Degree” to their ever growing list of achievements soon!

It was recently announced that BTS would be starting 2022 off by releasing a “Artist-Made Collection” of merchandise for each member. Each collection will include 1 or 2 pieces designed and curated by each of the members specifically for ARMYs.

HYBE‘s Official Merch account on Twitter uploaded a release schedule for each of the members and Jin started the members off! Jin‘s “Artist-Made Collection” consisted of a set of pajamas that came in two different designs as well as an ergonomic pillow.

Each of the members then recorded themselves showing ARMYs what exactly the created for their merch lines. The videos are uploaded onto Weverse and titled “SHOW” and from Jin’s first “SHOW” video, it’s giving very much QVC vibes!

Which is not a bad thing since he is in fact there to try and sell his merch. While there was some concern over the pricing of the merchandise, you can’t deny the thought and care that went into Jin’s curation.

He wanted to be able to give ARMYs something useful, but still comforting and we think he did just that!

One astute ARMY remembered that some of the BTS members are actually enrolled in online school to get their MBAs for Advertising and Media. While Jin enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University back in 2017, it was reported that RM, Suga, and J-Hope enrolled in 2019, while Jimin and V enrolled in 2020. The youngest member, Jungkook, however did not enroll in the program.

It wasn’t long before another ARMY theorized that BTS’s “Artist-Made Collection” seemed like an assignment for their MBA program, and while the thought initially had us LOL’ing, it actually does make sense!

The entire process of creating the merch to selling the merch does have a direct correlation to their program majors.

Since ARMYs were the target demographic, they were happy to help…as long as they got some credit for the assignment 😂

Even RM posted to his Instagram story sharing his thoughts about the process!

| @rkive/Instagram

so this is why market research is important..

But it seems like ARMYs think the BTS members are on the right track to receiving their MBAs, because the entire timeline for their merch? Brilliant.

Jin | @INTHESOOP_TV/Twitter

ARMYs are truly some of the funniest people at times! They couldn’t help but to compare Jin’s “Artist-Made Collection SHOW” to that of a QVC special.

| @i_am_whalien52/Twitter

All jokes aside, ARMYs were proud to see the BTS members working so diligently behind the scenes (whether it be for their MBA degree or not).

Make sure to check out how exactly Jin’s been marketing his merch down below.

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