ARMY Discovers Secret Conspiracy Theory To BTS Comeback… And It’s Probably True

ARMY have discovered a possible lead to BTS’s next comeback concept hinted in Jin’s recent selfie.

The theory, originally discovered by @0218_hobi, centers around one word: “Smeraldo”.

So here’s how it works: ARMY searched Naver and discovered a new blog for a flower shop called “Flower Smeraldo”.

Source: @jiminishell

The image for the new blog had the same flower as Jin was holding.

Not only this, but clever army realized the file name for the image said BTS_Smeraldo.

Source: @jiminishell

Fans then discovered that the shop also has an Instagram account where the meaning of the flower is written!

Source: @jiminishell

“Smeraldo” in flower language means “sincerity the could not be delivered” – this was, of course, Suga’s narration for the Puma shoot.

This is taken from the image next to the flower, which is speculated to be Jin’s handwriting.

Source: @jiminshell

That’s where it gets interesting. 

On the blog, in the inspection panel, the blog source is dedicated to “Seokjin’s flower”. Seokjin is Jin’s real name.

The blog was created 4 years ago according to “Smeraldo Academy”, part of the blogs title and established September 12.

Source: @jiminishell

September 12 is leader Rap Monster’s birthday, and BTS just celebrated their 4th Anniversary.

That’s not the only tie to leader Rap Monster, though.

The address to the blog translated into English stands for the phrase “Love yourself”.  

This is a phrase any ARMY knows is dear to the heart given its prominence in both the WINGS Tour and at the Billboard Music Award win.

Image: @jiminishell

The flower shop is also set to open in September, which is when BTS has been reported to make their comeback.

Source: @jiminishell

The Smeraldo is a made-up-flower that the blog claims was discovered on June 12, 2013 – one day prior to BTS’s debut. Coincidence? Maybe.

Here’s more: the blog’s birthday is the same day release of BTS’s new logo animation!

Source: @jiminishell

The blog doesn’t stop the numbers game there, either.

There are 7 (yes, 7) posts about the Smeraldo flower on the blog – including one about fictional character William Ashbless.

Source: @jiminishell

William Ashbless is a fictional poet from American author Tim Powers.

Photo drawing of the character may look like / Source: Blogspot

Ashbless, according to the blog, “discovered” the flower, and named it the Italian word for “Emerald”.

Image: Hotel Room Search Italy

Interesting, given the Flower Shop claims to be located in The Emerald City. 

So what, right? That’s the question – so what, so what to the blog, the city, the flowers?

J-Hope’s recent Bon Voyage may have something to say about that.

“Looking down at the universe, there will be us, seven flowers.”

– BTS J-Hope in Bon Voyage

Mind blown yet? Get ready for one more thing.

Fans think they may have seen the flower before – specifically, on the cover of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life.

But what does it all really mean?

It mostly means that BTS is getting ready for their comeback – and that their WINGS venture into Demian may have been the tip of the iceberg.

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