ARMYs Prepare Get Well Dinner For BTS’s Jimin As He Recovers

They’re trending “#DinnerWithJimin” as he’s in the hospital.

What do we do for our loved ones when they’re ill? We take care of them and prepare them nutritious meals for their recovery.

“Fashion King” Episode 14.

So, that’s exactly what ARMY is doing for BTS‘s Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin

On January 31 (KST), BIGHIT MUSIC announced on Weverse that Jimin had tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, he had undergone successful surgery for acute appendicitis.



We would like to provide you with the following information regarding the current health status of BTS member Jimin.

Jimin experienced sudden abdominal pain along with a mild sore throat on January 30 in the afternoon. He visited a hospital emergency room for thorough examination, and also took a PCR test. Jimin was diagnosed with acute appendicitis, and was tested positive for COVID-19. He underwent surgery following physician advice early morning on Monday, January 31.

According to the medical staff, the surgery was successful and Jimin is currently recuperating after his procedure. He will be receiving a few days of in-patient treatment for COVID-19 in conjunction with postoperative care. He is currently experiencing a mild sore throat but is making a speedy recovery, and had no contact with the other members during the infectious stage.

The company places the artists’ health as our top priority, and we will do everything we can to aid Jimin in his speedy recovery. We will also diligently cooperate with the requests and guidelines of the health care authorities.

Thank you.

— BIGHIT MUSIC via Weverse

Since hearing about Jimin’s condition, ARMYs have sent Jimin encouraging messages, wishing him a speedy recovery, across social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Weverse, and TikTok. On Twitter alone, “JIMIN JIMIN” and “#GetWellSoonJimin” surpassed a million tweets each that day.

It didn’t end there. Today, @PJM_data on Twitter created a new hashtag to bring comfort to Jimin during this difficult time.

Knowing how much Jimin enjoys good food and often asks us if we’ve eaten, ARMYs recommended we share our meals in honor of him.

So, today, ARMYs posted photos of their recent meals. When posting, they included the hashtags “#DinnerWithJimin” and “#GetWellSoonJimin.”

| @thejiminpost/Twitter

Soon enough, our Twitter feeds were filled with delicious foods, loving words, and wishes for Jimin.

Some of Jimin’s fans even donated to the non-profit SOS Children’s Villages (also known as Save Our Soul) under his name. In doing so, they provided meals for children in need.

As expected, Jimin trended on Twitter again. “#DinnerWithJimin” became a top trend along with “#GetWellSoonJimin,” “WE LOVE YOU JIMIN,” and “JIMIN JIMIN.”

Thanks to the trends, he must have seen all of ARMYs’ posts. Today, he updated ARMYs for the first time on his condition since the announcement.

Everyone, were you all really worried? I am recovering well!☺️

— Jimin

| Weverse

He even mentioned that he has been eating well, which makes us believe he saw everyone’s posts today! He’s so thoughtful.

Sorry for making everyone worry.

I think I’ll be going home soon!
I’ve been recovering well
and eating all three meals a day, too. ☺️
Please hang in there,
I’ll be better and on my way to you in no time!

— Jimin

| Weverse

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