ARMYs Hilariously React To BTS’s Jimin And V’s Separation As Three Members Return To Korea First

Jimin and V’s phone bill during their separation: 📈📈📈

BIGHIT Music just announced BTS‘s second ever period of rest and ARMYs are ecstatic to see the members getting a chance to live their normal (or as normal as you can get as some of the world’s biggest pop stars) lives and rest up and “recharge” as BIGHIT Music’s Weverse announcement stated.

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As BTS finished up their American schedules with four sold out shows for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concerts at SoFi Stadium, it seems members Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook headed back to Korea first.

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The trio landed at Incheon International Airport yesterday where they underwent PCR testing and went straight into a 10 day quarantine amidst South Korea’s spiked number of COVID-19 cases and the new Omicron variant.

So while there hasn’t been any confirmation as to why the boys were split up to head back home, ARMYs were heartbroken for a certain ’95 line best friend duo who would have to remain separated for an extended amount of time.

Yes, you got that right. We’re talking about Jimin and V (also referred to as “vmin”)! ARMYs pointed out that the two are not only separated by distance (since one is still back in the states), but also by time as the 10 day quarantine hasn’t even started for V yet.

ARMYs had a field day on Twitter and had “vmin” trending with adorable instances of the best friend duo being inseparable.

Hopefully opening up their own personal Instagram accounts will keep them busy during their time apart!

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