ARMY Husband Goes Viral For His BTS Version Of John Mayer Song

It’s so sweet, funny, and actually sounds amazing!

An ARMY husband is going viral for his BTS versions of pop songs.

Missy (@inyyheartsstae on Twitter) recently shared a video of her husband playing the guitar and singing a cover of American singer-songwriter John Mayer‘s hit song “Gravity” but with a twist.

He replaced “gravity” with “Min Yoongi” (also known as BTS’s Suga)…

BTS’s Suga

The video has gone viral on Twitter with 47.5K views and 4.7K likes at the time of writing.

ARMYs are absolutely loving the unexpectant twist on the John Mayer song. Not only that, but the ARMY husband is legit so talented.

While the BTSified version of the song was his way of supporting his wife’s interest, it definitely sounds like he’s become quite the ARMY himself.

Since the video went viral, the couple expressed their gratitude to everyone who has shown love to them. He even recorded a new cover per request…

husband literally cannot believe this blew up the way it did lol. thank you everyone for all the love and support for him, he’s been reading every reply and rt!

here’s another video he recorded in response! 

— @inyyheartsstae/Twitter

The husband covered Britney Spears‘ iconic song “…Baby One More Time.”

This time, he replaced “baby” with “Jimin.” The video has begun receiving views with over 2K at the time of writing.

We sense a new series in the works…

Source: tinyyheartsstae

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