ARMYs Can’t Help But Laugh AT BTS Jin’s “Back In My Day” Comments Under RM and V’s Enlistment Letters

This is so like Jin.

Recently, the remaining four BTS members, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, have been busy interacting with fans before their military enlistment. RM and V recently posted heartfelt messages to ARMY through Weverse, expressing their gratitude.

RM reassured fans in his letter that they would be able to meet again very soon.

Hello, my beloved people.

I can’t believe that that day has come. I had so many things to say, buzzing around, but now that the time has come, it’s not easy to open my mouth.

I was very happy to have lived the past 10 years as BTS. Although I’ve been saying this as if it’s a habit of speech, an end is also a start! I trust without a doubt that if something passes, another good thing will be waiting for us.

Seokjin hyung and Hoseok, who had to bear this time first, would’ve had it way harder than us who are following in their footsteps. Seeing them steadily pull it off, even though they went a little late, I am gaining as much courage as possible.

These 18 months can be long or short, but I trust that it will be a time when we can all gain foreign but new inspiration and learning. Although it may be scary and daunting, is there anything more comforting than the fact that during this uncertain time, there will be something to expect and look forward to? It might be my duty, but I think that it is also everyone’s love.

To become someone who is fondly remembered by others, someone who people wait for. It may be lonely and bitter at times, but that love is already enough for me. I, of course, hope that I can become someone like that to you.

More than words that pass through the ears of many, our time, love, and sincerity already prove our future. I wanted to become someone who is by your side, even when I’m not.

Let’s work hard, living our own lives, in our own places, and I hope that when I come back, we will be an “us” that is more generously connected in heart. Holding this small wish, I bid you a goodbye for a short while. When I come back, I’ll greet you in peace again.

No matter where we are, we’ll always be ourselvecs!

See you in the future. I am loving you guys a lot. I hope that this reacges you even just a little bit.

⁠— BTS’s RM

V also left a message for fans along with a bunch of photos.

I think I’ll miss you so much

Actually, it’s a pity that I can’t have happy memories with ARMY for a while, so besides that I’m okay, but it’s the hardest thing that I can’t see ARMY. I’ll return really healthy after 18 months, so ARMY, take care of your health and look for happiness every day until I return and say, ‘I’m here!’ I also prepared a lot of things in those 18 months. Please look forward to it!

Let’s make precious memories like we always did, when I return, and make them again then. I really miss you and I love you so much. So you have to wait until I return! I’ll be back soon! Bye!

— BTS’s V

But as fans were getting emotional over their letters, oldest member Jin popped up in the comment sections, bringing laughter to everyone. Under RM’s post, he made a fun reference to one of their popular song lyrics, “Welcome, first time to BTS?” from their song, “Dope.”

BTS Jin’s comment on Weverse | Weverse

Welcome, it’s your first time to the military, right?

— BTS’s Jin

Under V’s post, he reassured him that he was enlisting during a good time.

BTS Jin’s comment on Weverse | Weverse

When I enlisted, it was -35 degrees Celsius and there was a blizzard, and I barely managed to enlist. You are enlisting during a good time, the world has become better.

— BTS’s Jin

Fans that saw his comments couldn’t help but laugh because his message was so typical Jin!

We wish the boys good luck and we can’t wait to see all seven of them back in 2025! On the other hand, take a look at Jin’s advice to Jungkook during a live broadcast.

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