ARMY Did So Much To Help Animals In Honour Of J-Hope

ARMYs pursued some noble causes.

J-Hope’s birthday has just passed and the number of birthday projects undertaken by ARMY was staggering. A particular trend among the various projects undertaken was a desire to help animals.

This ARMY adopted a flamingo and named it Hobi. The flamingo is not currently an endangered species but it’s important to give aid to help preservation efforts.

A group of ARMYs in Korea donated a massive amount of dog food to animal shelters across Gwangju, J-Hope’s hometown. This was a really heartwarming gesture and also a really practical way to help. They also donated rice to food shelters.

Some UK ARMYs also banded together to make a generous donation to the Scottish Wildlife Trust in order to preserve red squirrel populations in Scotland.

These birthday projects were very noble and it would be fantastic to see more of the same in the future!