ARMY Parents Go Viral For Dancing BTS’s “Mic Drop” Choreography

The award for “Best Parents” goes to…

Many of us hope that our families will always support our interests, but that is unfortunately not always the case. It would be nice to bond over our favorite K-Pop groups with our parents, and some are lucky enough to say that this is their reality.

Kayla (@bulletproofkp on Twitter) shared a video with her followers on Twitter, and it soon went viral for the sweetest reason.

Her parents surprised her with a recorded video of themselves dancing to BTS‘s “Mic Drop.” Best yet, they learned the choreography secretly for weeks while she was at school!

Not only was it incredibly thoughtful, but her parents absolutely killed it too! Anyone who knows BTS knows that their choreographies are not always the easiest. It’s no wonder that the video went viral with ARMY. The first part already has over 19,000 likes as of October 15 and has been retweeted over 5,000 times!

This is perhaps the most wholesome thing we’ve seen this entire week. What a great family!

We surely hope that Kayla’s parents will continue to do dance covers of BTS songs. From the sounds of it, they might do another iconic BTS hit, “Fire!”

We admire these parents’ dedication and love for both their daughter and BTS!

Source: @bulletproofkp


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