ARMY Praise BTS’s RM For His Lyricism In New Song With eAeon “Don’t”

RM is truly a lyrical genius!

Singer-songwriter eAeon, member of MoT and Night Off, released a new song today called “Don’t,” featuring BTS‘s RM. They previously worked together on “badbye” for RM’s mixtape Mono.

eAeon’s “Fragile” Cover Art | @eaeon/Twitter

“Don’t” is the title track off eAeon’s new album Fragile. He has described it as a vulnerable song. Its lyrics signify drifting apart from someone you love. Ahead of the song’s release, he also shared that RM contributed a lot to the track, including the lyrics.

I gave the accompaniment to RM without any instructions or guidance, saying ‘This is your part,’ and he gave me perfect lyrics, melody, and vocal arrangement.

— eAeon

RM never lacks commitment in any project he works on. He’s not BTS’s leader for nothing.

While we’ve come to expect only great things from RM, we were still amazed by the imagery provoked by both the music video and the lyrics. It’s simply beautiful.

ARMYs have been analyzing the lyrics, revealing the significance of each line. It’s evident that RM puts so much care and thought into his songwriting.

“Don’t” will become known as an iconic song along with RM’s entire discography. He continually proves that he is truly a lyric genius.

Check out eAeon’s “Don’t” featuring RM below:

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