ARMYs Praise ColourPop Cosmetics’ Collaboration With BTS And LINE FRIENDS’ BT21 For Diversity

They were pleasantly surprised to see dark-skinned models.

Recently, American cosmetics brand ColourPop Cosmetics announced its collaboration with BTS and LINE FRIENDSBT21, and it’s already receiving praise even before its official release.

Overview of the collection | @ColourPopCo/Twitter

Since the collection releases this week, ColourPop Cosmetics has been promoting it a lot on social media. Yet, ARMYs couldn’t help but take notice of their choice of models to show off the new BT21 makeup…

BIPOC models have been the choice so far by ColourPop in promoting the BT21 collection, especially Black.

Black ARMYs were pleasantly surprised when they noticed this. The cosmetics brand proved that not only is their makeup truly vibrant, but they recognize that the fandom is diverse.

Previously, beauty brands such as VT Cosmetics and The Créme Shop released BT21 makeup collections.

| The Créme Shop

The Créme Shop mainly sold eyeshadow and lipgloss along with skincare. On the other hand, VT Cosmetics sold a wide variety, including foundations.

| VT Cosmetics

Yet, the variety in foundations was especially lacking. Through the years, ARMYs of all complexions complained about the lack of shades offered. Even light-skinned individuals claimed that the makeup was so light that it was quite literally “white” on them.

So, ARMYs are hoping that with ColourPop Cosmetics, we may finally have some decent makeup options available.

ColourPop Cosmetics’ BT21 collab will be released Thursday, July 14 at 10 A.M. PST. Read more below:

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