ARMYs Prepare For BTS Jimin’s Birthday With Special Birthday Support Project

Who’s ready for another fun-filled October?

With BTS Jimin’s birthday coming up on October 13, fans are already preparing a special project to celebrate.

Fan base Jiminbench revealed on August 6 that they will be preparing a Jimin Bench Garden to celebrate the special day.

In order to celebrate Jimin’s birthday for 2020, we will be organizing a bench garden in the Seoul forest! Please show support and interest in our project! We will give out special goods to five people who retweet and follow this post! This project is in collaboration with @kk2010633 and @mimi_at_corner.

-@jiminbench on Twitter

Another fan base ‘사랑하는 그대여’ (@myloverjimin) prepared a ‘2020 JIMIN’s Birthday Support Project’ that consisted of 8 special projects.

This eight-part project includes a blood donation relay, Jimin film encore offline screening event, Jimin TV online screening event, birthday cafe event and mini exhibition in Seoul, birthday cafe event in Nagoya, birthday cup sleeves event Tokyo, birthday cup sleeves event in Osaka, and a birthday cup sleeves event in Fukuoka.

Out of the eight prepared projects, the blood donation relay is an event that they have done for the past three years.

The fan base commented, “Let us share previous lives together on the day that an angel came to this Earth. Since we are going through a hard time due to COVID-19, we hope that we can gather together to save more lives on this special day.” They also prepared a blood donation box under ‘Park Jimin’.

October is a special day for ARMYs as they call it ‘Jimtober’ to celebrate Jimin’s birthday for the entire month through special and meaningful projects. Stay tuned for more updates for Jimin’s birthday!

Source: maeil