An ARMY Proposed To His Girlfriend Using BT21 Characters

The story of how two ARMYs found love.

If you’re planning on proposing to your significant other and you’re both ARMYs, then why not do it in a way that celebrates both your love of BTS and also each other!

That is exactly what Reddit user Ezuman did when he proposed to his girlfriend. He had previously designed adorable characters based on the BT21 art style that represented himself and his significant other. Nom and Vivi are both really cute!

He cleverly set up his proposal by giving his girlfriend a book covered in custom-made BT21 wrapping paper.

He included all of the BT21 characters on the back of the book which had his girlfriend thinking it was official merchandise!

When she turned to this page, Ezuman described it as the “most nerve-wracking moment of his life” but it worked out for the best because she said yes!

The rest of the book shows some of the life experiences the couple has had together. This was an incredibly thoughtful gift.

He shared some larger pictures of his custom characters at the end. It’s so heartwarming when two ARMYs find love!