ARMY Reimagines Louis Vuitton’s BTS Photos By Unwhitewashing Them

Some ARMYs were disappointed by the edits of Louis Vuitton’s BTS photos, so they took the matter into their own hands.

BTS were recently announced as the new House Ambassadors for the internationally renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The brand updated its social media accounts by releasing photos from a new BTS photoshoot, celebrating the news.

While the boys are handsome as ever, ARMYs have been noticing that they looked especially pale. One ARMY, in particular, took it into their own hands and re-edited the photos, attempting to restore BTS’s natural complexions.

| @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton

Venus (@realbtsjhope on Twitter) went through all of the photos released so far, editing each member’s individual photos.

J-Hope | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton
Jimin | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton

Venus’ edits compared to the originally released photos by Louis Vuitton look drastically different. Even after so much editing, BTS now look more like themselves after being unwhitewashed.

Jin | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton
Jungkook | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton

Some have suggested that BTS’s skin tones were not necessarily lightened. Instead, the original photos have a filter on the entire picture, similar to the aesthetic filters provided on social media apps. Nonetheless, many are unhappy with the editing choice.

RM | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton
Suga | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton

Considering that this a historic moment for representation in that a group of Asian men have become the House Ambassadors for a huge global brand such as Louis Vuitton, it is saddening to see might be yet another case of whitewashing. This is especially disheartening since idols are victims of over-editing all of the time already to fit unrealistic beauty standards.

V | @realbtsjhope/Twitter & Louis Vuitton

Check out Venus’ post below:

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