ARMY Is Assaulted By Fansite At BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” L.A. Concert

She’s not the first or last ARMY to have a negative encounter with a fansite during the concerts.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

Over the weekend, BTS held their first two sold-out PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

From left: BTS’s V, Jin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope after night two of their “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert. | @bts_bighit/Twitter

For most 70,000+ ARMYs in attendance, it’s been a dream come true to finally see BTS perform live after two years. For others, it’s been nothing short of a nightmare.

ARMYs outside SoFi Stadium. | @CHARLIExBTS/Twitter

While attempting to enjoy the show, many ARMYs have encountered both sasaengs and fansites. Rather than enjoy the show, fansite photographers managed to sneak in professional cameras with lenses to photograph the concert.

Fansite photographer spotted at “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE.” | @crispykooky/Twitter

ARMY Ashlee (@crispykooky on Twitter and Instagram) revealed a horrifying experience with a fansite photographer. During the concert, she shared on Instagram Stories what was happening to her at the time.

| @crispykooky/Instagram

Later, she posted a thread on Twitter detailing the experience. It began when a fansite photographer pushed their way into the VIP section. While sitting there, they continued to hit her and others in the head with a camera as they attempted to get the perfect shot.

It only got worse. The fansite photographer continually assaulted Ashlee, and ultimately she was even pushed down, resulting in her badly hitting against her own chair.

Ashlee attempted to call for security. Unfortunately, this is when the fansite photographer decided to make a run for it and escape.

She added that there was also a second fansite, a friend to the one that assaulted her. They both were sneaking their ways into the VIP section, taking other people’s seats.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

Ashlee clarified that aside from the other fansite, the others in the section were all victims like herself.

She also posted on TikTok to continue to raise awareness about this issue. Ashlee expects that fansite photographers will continue to get away with these activities as more concert days are left.


This fansite pushed me down and was disrespectful to the people around us. Please blow this up to spread awareness of her to other concert goers #bts

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If you were curious about whether or not she was being honest about her story, another user on TikTok, Angel (@teachangel), commented to confirm everything.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

Like Ashlee, Angel recalled not only witnessing the event but also attempting to call for security. She backed up what was previously said, revealing the lack of attentiveness by security.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

It turns out there were around twenty different people all attempting to get security’s attention. Nonetheless, no help was given.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

Others also commented, confirming the entire incident. Many had witnessed the commotion from afar.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok
| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

Yet despite other ARMYs recognizing there was a problem unquestionably going on, security failed to take action. So, the fansite photographers were able to escape that night.

| @ashleewithluv/TikTok

After Ashlee shared her story, other ARMYs are also attempting to raise awareness. Many wonder how fansite photographers are being able to get away with all of this.

According to SoFi Stadium’s website in regards to BTS’s concerts, certain devices are prohibited. This includes all video recording devices other than mobile phones. Of course, professional-grade lenses, particularly those longer than 6 inches, are not allowed. Nevertheless, fansites are going against these rules.

| SoFi Stadium

Clearly, fansite photographers have successfully entered despite the rules against them, and many have escaped when caught. Still, some have been reported, caught, and kicked out.

Some fansites even confessed to being caught and requested others not to report them.

| Twitter

Ashlee was not the only ARMY at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE who had a negative experience with a fansite photographer. Others have previously spoken up but were bullied so much by the fansite’s followers that they had to delete their posts and private their accounts.

Many ARMYs have shared their negative experiences from the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts as a result of SoFi Stadium, particularly due to the staff and security. The concert was even delayed because of such issues, as can be seen below.

Read more about the safety concerns regarding SoFi Stadium below:

ARMYs Raise Concerns About The Safety Of Fans At SoFi Stadium During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”

Source: @crispykooky and SoFi Stadium

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