ARMY Is Right: BTS’s J-Hope Actually Does Lay His Outfits Out On His Bed Before He Goes To Sleep

Of course he does 😂💜

ARMY you were right! BTS‘s fashion king J-Hope does lay his outfits out before bed.

BTS’s J-Hope | @BTS_twt/Twitter

J-Hope is known for his great fashion sense and for his signature Hobicore aesthetic, which features lots of bright colors, prints, and joyful-looking outfits.

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His outfits are always so great and well put together that many ARMYs have suspected that he lays them out on his bed before he goes to sleep out of pure excitement for wearing them the next day, like this meme.

| @joonality/Twitter

ARMYs have been tweeting about their hilarious theory for years.

Well, ARMYs were right! J-Hope actually does plan his outfits out and lay them on the bed.

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J-Hope went live after the third PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, and he gave fans a mini tour of his hotel room and a peek in his closet.


As he showed fans his hotel room, he also showed ARMY that he had an outfit laid out on his bed. He had accessories and shoes to match, too!

Considering how well-dressed he is, it makes total sense that he would plan his outfits out the night before he wears them. A man who travels around with a closet full of stylish coats does not play around when it comes to fashion!

ARMYs loved seeing their good-natured joke about J-Hope’s fashion sense being proven true and talked about this moment from his live stream on Twitter.