ARMYs Shocked At Quality Of BTS Suga’s Agust D Tour Merch IRL Compared To Online

It’s nothing like what they expected.

BTS Suga‘s anticipated SUGA | Agust D TOUR ‘D-DAY’ IN US begins today, kicking off in Belmont Park.

But yesterday, ARMYs lined up for hours to score some official tour merchandise. Yet, not everything was as expected.

Previously, HYBE shared information and photos of the merchandise that was available to buy. It includes everything from T-Shirts to posters and, of course, ARMY Bombs.

The merchandises will be sold at each tour site according to the tour schedule. More details will be announced later.


One item that captured ARMYs’ attention above all was the “L/S T-Shirt.” It’s a long-sleeved white T-Shirt with “Suga | Agust D” on the front and red flames on the sleeves.


Its price tag is $90 USD, but its design and quality looked worth it. That is until ARMYs saw it in person.

When ARMYs went to purchase merchandise ahead of Suga’s first concert, they were shocked to see that the long-sleeved tee looked almost nothing like the photo above. The words were solid red instead of black, and there appeared to be no flames on the sleeve as advertised. Not only that, but the shirt’s material appeared thin and see-through.

ARMYs were disappointed that the merch they wanted was not what they thought, and many felt that this was not worth $90 USD anymore.

ARMYs feel they could have made their own shirts and looked just as good or better. They certainly understood why Suga would make his own staff’s hoodies now.

While it certainly is not what ARMYs came to expect from HYBE MERCH’s advertisements on social media, what we see in-person at the U.S. sites, does look similar to the picture that was released in the merchandise list.


It’s smaller and lower quality, so it’s harder to tell, but the shirt’s photo appears to have a different design from the flames, and it’s only on one arm instead of two. The shirt is also referred to as the “US ver.”


So, if you still have your heart set on the long-sleeved T-Shirt from the original photo we had all expected, you will likely have to purchase it later from Weverse Shop.

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