ARMY Suffering From Coronavirus (COVID-19) Inspires Nurses To Make TikTok Video In Hopes Of Getting Help From BTS

She only smiled when listening to BTS’s music.

According to an article by KSAT, nurses working at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas were inspired by an ARMYs on-going battle with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Their inspiration led them to attempt in creating a viral TikTok video in hopes of getting the iconic group to help give their patient a will to live.

Esther, the resilient ARMY (Right) and her supportive nurses (Left) | Source: Methodist Hospital and KSAT

Esther, the ARMY who is currently battling the coronavirus (COVID-19), has been in critical condition since her admission into the hospital and needed to be put on a ventilator. According to KSAT, “Nurses were unsure of how much mental trauma Esther had already endured in her fight against the virus and her care team said she was discouraged.

Health officials revealed that after Esther was taken off the ventilator, the first thing she did was stream music by BTS from her phone.

The music made Esther smile and nurses said it was the happiest they had seen her yet.



Esther’s nurses went on to decorate her room with pictures of BTS to encourage her in her fight, but eventually, they observed her appear to be giving up. Seeing Esther being so hopeless, they decided to make a TikTok video set to “Mic Drop”.

The nurses, and by extension, the hospital is asking for everyone to come together to share Esther’s story in hopes of getting BTS to #EncourageEsther.

Source: KSAT