ARMY Is Tearing Up Over LeeSoRa And Suga’s Collaboration

The pair combined beautifully.

Legendary singer LeeSoRa announced a collaboration last week with Suga of BTS. This is Suga’s debut as a featured artist.

BTS’s Suga Is Making His Featured Artist Debut In A New Collaboration

“Song Request” has just dropped and it’s an emotional one. It was produced by Tablo of Epik High who Suga is great friends with.

The silky vocals of LeeSoRa lull the listener into a state of contemplation.

And then Suga’s heartbreaking rap causes their eyes to start to water.

Once you read the lyrics of his verse, its effects are particularly potent.

“To provide comfort for this cutthroat day
A night where even the darkness has fallen asleep
I throw myself up hundreds of times since you are hurting
I am once corner of your life, one piece of your life
A companion of your emotions, every now and then familia
From time to time, when you want to rest
When despite being together, you are buried in loneliness
You get intoxicated in memories
You bring someone else up again
Only then, I have became your music
Yes, I have become for someone
Spring, for someone, Winter
For someone an end, for someone a beginning
For someone I am happiness, for someone, I am a soul
For someone, a lullaby
Often I am noise
I’ll be there together, at your birth and at your end
I hope you remember, we are together, no matter where
I will always be a support to your life
“So please, once in a while, lean on me and rest”

The song is deservedly doing well at debut, Suga and LeeSoRa combine so well as a singer/rapper combination.

and ARMY is understandably very happy to see Suga branching out and working with such a legend of the industry.

ARMYs aren’t the only ones listening to Song Request on repeat, RM posted a picture of him listening to the song on BTS’s fancafé.