ARMYs Are Lining Up For Job At HYBE After Employee Leaves

Nicole has quit to work at Columbia Records.

HYBE recently lost a great employee, but ARMYs want to fill the open position.

Kim Hyun Jung (also known as Nicole Kim) has reportedly left HYBE to join U.S.-based Colombia Records (SONY MUSIC) as VP and A&R. The former HYBE Creative Department Leader, who served as A&R Team Leader, previously worked with BTS and TXT. She served in communication for BTS’s international collaborations, including Coldplay, Halsey, Megan Thee Stallion, Charlie Puth, and Nicki Minaj. She also was frequently spotted with the BTS members during their international trips.

While many ARMYs are sad to see her go, some are hoping to potentially fill the now-vacant position at HYBE. Although she was much more than a “translator,” ARMYs are joking that they are ready to apply for the job.

Would you apply for the job if HYBE opened an application?

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